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Would you like to reduce sunglare and heat in your home or office? Are you sick of paying for massive energy bills? Want better privacy?

Tinted windows for your home, office or car is the solution. Quality window tinting will create a more comfortable environment, provide additional privacy, and save you thousands in energy bills by taking the edge of the sun’s harmful rays – and reducing UV by 99%!

Auto TintGard have been in the industry for more than 13 years. During this time we’ve seen bizarre and worrying attempts at tinting windows, by companies and individuals a like.

Many people seem to think that applying tints to a car, your home or an office is a similar process to applying stickers or vinyl. It’s not.

We appreciate good workmanship when we see it and believe you deserve that smooth, bubble-free finish and laser sharp clarity
with your window tinting. That’s why you’ll only get experienced, skilled, and accredited window tinting specialists when you get your windows tinted with us.

Accredited and experienced installers

Auto TintGard is accredited with the Window Film Association of Australia & NZ (WFAANZ). This is the only accreditation program in Australia for film installers, and requires members to subscribe every year.

It’s not mandatory in the industry for every window film installer to be accredited. But we do it because we believe it’s important to give our customers:

Assurance of quality

WERS Energy certificates (for maximum resale value of your building)

Updated advice to ensure you get the best result from your investment

Best practice installation techniques so it’ll be done right the first time

Your windows are worth thousands of dollars. You wouldn’t take your car to just any mechanic. Don’t leave your windows with just any installer. Choose one that’s accredited and experienced. Use the WFAANZ member search when doing your research on any window film installer. Look us up, we’re Member #463.

We use industry leading brands: SunTek Window Films, and Auto TintGard Car Care products.

Contact us for a free no-obligation quote on your window tinting needs.

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