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Would you like to reduce sunglare and heat in your home or office?

Best quality product & services

We aim to provide high quality Services to our happy customers with different and unique demands.

100% Client satisfaction

Spreading smiles across millions of clients with 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Best practice installation techniques

With most advance technology and handy experts, we employ best practices to provide long lasting products.

Safe and long-lasting products

We use high-end products which are factory tested in all tenting practices.

Window tinting at it’s finest

Give your car, home, or office the VIP treatment by getting a professional window tint from Auto TintGard. It’s the perfect way to reduce energy costs, keep cool, and even step up the look of your car or building. All our tinted windows protect against 99% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Many tinting options

Whether your tinting project is as simple as the windows on your 3 door hot hatch or as complex as a three-hundred bedroom hotel, we have a vast range of tint shades, colours and textures to match your exact requirements.

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Reduce sun glare & heat while driving block 99% of UV rays...

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Would you like to reduce sunglare and heat in your home or office?

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Client says


A great quality job done within very little timeframe. A very friendly operator who took out time to explain the details about the tint and has very competitive pricing. From the initial phone inquiry, to booking the car, receiving and final delivery was all done with very high standards. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to this company.


Got my new Hyundai tinted with Carbon XP tints. Job was done in a very professional and timely manner. Tints look great and very effective during hot days. Pricing very competitive.


It is not very often that you can say that you got 100% satisfaction, but Umesh, was great to deal with and very competitive, his mild and pleasing manner, and great service was a stand out for me. 5 star!! if their was a six star rating I would give it.