Ceramic Coating and Window Tinting for Hyundai Cars in Hoppers Crossing

Auto TintGard is a leading auto workshop that offers premium car window tinting and ceramic coating services in Hoppers Crossing. These provide superior protection to the vehicle from the elements while improving aesthetics. Road debris, scratches, chips, UV rays or sun glares will be a thing of the past. You can drive stress-free whenever you get on the road.

We also specialise in ceramic coating for Hyundai vehicles. Our team is equipped with advanced techniques and uses high-quality products. That way, we ensure your Hyundai receives the protection it deserves. When paired together, ceramic coats and window tints provide a lasting solution for auto protection.

How Do We Apply Car Window Tinting on Hyundai Cars?

Car window tints are best applied by professionals. We are familiar with the process and have worked on many Hyundai vehicles before. As such, we know the best methods to apply window tinting for cars, including all Hyundai models.

Here’s an overview of our steps:

Surface Preparation

The process begins with a thorough surface preparation. Our expert mechanics clean and inspect the windows to make them free from contaminants. This critical step ensures optimal adhesion and a seamless finish for the window tint.


We use advanced techniques and high-quality window tinting film. Our technicians ensure precise application. This guarantees uniform clarity and a sleek finish that complements your Hyundai’s look.


Post-application, the window tint undergoes a specialised curing process. This step solidifies the bond between the tint and the window. It ensures durability, longevity, as well as resistance against wear and tear.

Going beyond the obvious aesthetic enhancements, our car window tinting solutions provide multifaceted protection. From shielding against harmful UV rays to offering enhanced privacy and security, they improve your driving experience. So even if you have a Hyundai factory tint on your vehicle, you can get a darker shade depending on your preferences.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Hyundai

Investing in ceramic coating for your Hyundai has several benefits, such as:

  • UV Ray Protection: Ceramic coating acts as an excellent barrier against UV rays and prevents paint fading or discolouration. That way, we ensure your Hyundai looks at its best all the time.
  • Paint Protection: You get enhanced protection from all kinds of debris, dirt, pebbles, stones, chips, scratches, etc. The ceramic coat acts as a shield, keeping the underlying paint job safe and scratchless.
  • Easy Maintenance: A ceramic coat makes for easier maintenance. It has hydrophobic properties – meaning dirt, water and other debris do not stick to it. This allows you to clean your vehicle with simple soap and water. It also makes car wax and polishing much more effective resulting in a very shiny and attractive Hyundai.
  • Top-notch Finish: Auto ceramic coating gives your vehicle a very nice finish. If you have a nice paint job you wish to highlight or protect, this product is perfect. You will get a glossy finish that gives a very nice shine.

Get the Best Paint Protection Products Suitable for Hyundai

As a renowned company, we prioritise your Hyundai’s protection. We only use premium paint protection products tailored to your needs. The products we use are from Gtechniq and include:

  • Crystal Lacquer
  • Crystal Serum Light
  • Crystal Serum Ultra

These products provide superior exterior paint protection for your Hyundai. Additionally, they ensure easy maintenance when it comes to the vehicle’s looks. You get the best of both worlds – protection and aesthetics.

Why Choose Auto TintGard for Protective Coating?

Auto TintGard offers some of the best auto protective coating services through:

  • Premium Products: We only use industry-leading products for the best possible protection and longevity for your Hyundai.
  • Long-lasting Results: Our application techniques guarantee excellent results and preserve your vehicle’s look and value.
  • Expertise: With years of experience, our skilled technicians deliver great customer satisfaction.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our team understands your unique requirements and offers customised solutions for your car.

We help you elevate your Hyundai’s protection and aesthetics. Scheduling an appointment is very straightforward. Contact us if you are looking for unrivalled car ceramic coating and window tinting solutions in Hoppers Crossing. With a wide range of detailing services, we ensure your Hyundai remains protected and looks stunning. To know more, you can call us on 1300 922 204 / 0420 814 032 or email us at sales@autotintgard.com.au.

The paint coverage under the Hyundai warranty varies depending on several factors. Your dealership can help you with this topic. We also recommend consulting our experts for specific details.

The ceramic coating provides a balance between aesthetics and protection from environmental contaminants, UV rays, and scratches compared to traditional paint protection methods. Paint protection is generally thicker and focuses more on shielding the paint.

Ceramic coating is known for its unmatched protection and it also enhances the aesthetics of your car. This treatment ensures longevity, and preserves your Hyundai’s value, making it a valuable investment for discerning car owners. You can contact our support team for more information.

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